August 14, 2016

Shop Feature: Stylewe

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog!
I am writing this blog while sipping my hot choco with a lot of marshmallows because it's rainy season in our country. This is also a perfect time for to just sit and do my blogging work since I don't have enough light to shoot for my future outfit post. So today's post is all about an online shop called Stylewe. A brief intro of Stylewe, it is an online shop that is selling an individual designers' clothes to customers mainly from the USA. So if you are into designers' clothing you can check out Stylewe and go crazy with shopping! 

As for me I went crazy pinning all their a-line dresses and pick some for this post and thinking you might like them too!


The fun print is what caught my eye with this dress and so perfect for any kind of sneakers.


The intricate flowers detail is what makes the dress so elegant. If you feel so mystical this dress id perfect for you!

This one is for all minimalist gal out there, just a simple dress for any occasion.

Haiping Xie
Let's keep my fave for last, I love the design in front because it is Chinese inspired and anything Chinese or Japanese are my fave!

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Your stray kid,

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August 7, 2016

Gypsy ft. Newchic

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog!
Apologies for a two weeks of hiatus because I am kinda busy at work and our home is under renovation so I don't have a place to set up my DIY studio. *Wink* But yeah, I am so excited to set up my room and put on some decor. I wanted it to be simple and Instagram-worthy room. I am also collecting DIY tutorials for my decors which I am also excited. For now, I am planning for a Dreamcatcher project, I hope it turns out well.

Anyway, enough babbling and let us jump right into some fashion inspiration. If you could recall my Newchic wishlist on my past post you are probably familiar with the clothes I am wearing right now. Yes, I got the items! *woot-woot* I made a look that was inspired by boho and gypsy trend. You know how much I love maxi skirt and off the shoulder top. The maxi has a high slit which makes it more comfy and unique. *and sexy* I know summer has ended *in the Philippines* but I can still rock it when the sun decided to show up. I also picked the while sandals at Newchic because it is simple and perfect for every day and quick errands. The wrap around choker is one of my obsession, I think this makes the whole outfit more stylish. The simple gold detail makes it more elegant for any outfit you wear. 

Color: Black & White
Price: USD 11.01
Color: Blue, Grey & White
Price: USD 10.52
Price: USD 3.58

I hope you find it inspirational for your next outfit! Don't forget to use the 20% coupon, 20off1893! Happy shopping!

Your stray kid,

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July 24, 2016

BeautyMNL Haul and Review

 Hi guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my bloooog! *ballad singing* Todays post is very exciting because I am working with BeautyMNL! It is my first time to collab with local brand and a makeup shop. BeautyMNL is the No.1 and the biggest beauty site in the Philippines, where Filipinas can discover something pretty and new every day. A major part of BeautyMNL is its Shop, where you can buy a wide range of skincare and makeup products from popular brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal and even discover some great new products like Korean skincare from Innisfree.

July 17, 2016

Sammydress Haul and Styling

Hi, guys, it's Qing and welcome back to my blog.
This will be my first ever haul post on Qing's Style and I am very excited to share all the goodies I got. I will also style some of them so you can get any inspiration on your next OOTD. Just a quick intro of Sammydress, it is one of the trusted online shops that offers cheap trendy clothing, shoes etc. with great quality. I had a great shopping experience as always because I've been their customer for quite some time now. Shipping is so fast with DHL, it just took 7 days to arrive after placing my orders. *happy kid here*

Dress: Sammydress
Cap: Sammydress
Sandals: @shopandgrabxx_

July 10, 2016

A Day In My Off at Cafe Travel, SM Downtown

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog!
It's been more than a month since I got my new job and as expected I am soo busy with all the training and briefings every now and then. After a busy week, the much awaited day off will come. *plus sweldo* Woot woot! So what will I do on my day off? Basically, most of my off will be at home all day, writing a blog post and replying emails. But when I decided to go out I will surely go to a new place or cafe. I was scrolling my IG feed and saw 2 or 3 fashion bloggers who went to San Fernando and saw a picture of an old brick building and have an eagerness to find the place since it is just near to my place. After a minute of searching, I found out that it was the Old San Fernando Station near the Capitol. This is a historic place which was built way back in Spanish Era, unfortunately, it was close when we got there but manage to take photos for my outfit. 

Top: Aunt's | Shorts: Thrifted | Bag: Salvatore Mann | Shoes: Banggood | Choker: @fabshopp

July 3, 2016

Pajama Pants

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog! I've been in a moment where I am ditching my leggings and go for a loose and stretchy waist pants. I am  wearing this pants all summer and still wearing it even at work. I am calling this pajama pants because it so comfy and you can pair it with almost anything. Today I decided to style with a chic edgy vibe. The top has a detail in the sleeves and the oval neck makes it chicer so the wrap around choker really shows off. I wear my simple white sandals to keep it comfier. 

I hope you find this helpful and inspirational for your next outfit! 

Top: Local Store | Choker: @fab_shop | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: @_shopandgrabxx

June 29, 2016

Oversize Over Oversize

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog! Today, I want to dedicate this blog post for my love for oversized clothes. If you've seen my previous post, you know how much I love oversize denim pants. I've been a fan of fitted pants to boyfriend jeans and now for oversize! At first, I am so hesitant to wear oversized especially jeans, first, I am just 5'1 second I am fat for my height so I will shrink and will look like a dwarf. *Haha!* But things had changed, I experimented and found a good solution for my shorty problem. What I did is to fold 2-3 inches from the ankle, like culottes. Tadah! Shorty problem solved! Lesson learned keep finding solutions and you will succeed! Pairing it with an oversizd tee is what I choose for that Korean vibe which I am also inspired by Stylenanda. An oversized crop top will be a great pair too. Of course, a wrap around choker will be an added chic to the outfit. Oh, my creepers help me to add some height too! 

I hope you find this helpful and inspirational for your next outfit! Have a great day!

Top&Pants: Thrifted | Choker: @fab_shop | Creepers:

June 26, 2016

Hello Bun Bun

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog! I thought summer days are over and it is surprising to have a hot weather in June. Every year, this month is a typhoon season in the Philippines though it rains sometimes in the afternoon. I guess the weather is still changing and its a good news for us because we have an extended summer! *woot-woot* I've been seeing culottes everywhere so I need to find my own pair. Luckily, thrift store has saved me once more! Since it's been trendy for quite a while, I am having a hard time finding culottes here in my country because it will take a little time to be available here. These culottes I got is a rare find I guess because I find it in a fun color so it would be a perfect piece for the extended summer. I paired it with my floral cute off the shoulder with my two bun bun. Well, I was just inspired by Jenn Im's new collection with Colourpop and it is also a great way to curl your hair after your bun bun got a mess. Let me take a moment to talk about wrap around chokers, I am so happy to see that trends are just coming back! I am so obsessed with this that I am wearing it in every single outfit I have. The choker I have is not long enough that is why I just tie it in a ribbon, it will add a girly and edgy touch to your outfit. To finish off the look I am wearing my white sneakers. *sorry for the dirt* I hope you are having a great summer!

Top: Local Store | Culottes: Thrifted | Shoes: SM Dept. Store | Choker: @fab_shop

June 19, 2016

Shop Feature: Newchic Wishlist

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog! *Yey for new intro!* Happy Father's Day to all your dads! I know its been a long time since I updated this blog of mine and I have a lot of things waiting in line for all of you, so keep an eye for it. *excited* Today, I want to share an affordable shopping site and offering a lot of trendy clothings. I think a lot of you guys heard about Newchic but to those who haven't, Newchic is an online shopping site that offers affordable clothing, shoes, bags, accessories et. al for men and women. What I love about this site is that it is not limited for women but also they have items for men which is perfect for Father's Day. In that case, I have a good news for all of you! Newchic is so generous to give you all a 20% coupon code when you purchase to the site. *drum roll please20off1893, you can use this to buy a cool gift to your dad or for your self.

Of course, I would not forget all the women who always keeps my blog running. Here is a full summer outfit inspiration that I pick and purchased for myself, which you can rock while have fun with your summer. I can't wait to style this whole outfit!

June 1, 2016

Bring Back The 90's

Hi, everyone! It is time for an outfit inspiration on this blog. This is my take on vintage oversized denim which is on trend right now. I got this pair of denim pants in a thrift store and I think most of this denim pants are only available in a thrift store. I love the light wash because you can pair almost anything with it. My problem to this is that I am short so I need to fold it, luckily it is a cool thing to do on any pants. I think this kind of pants are the comfiest pants I have, I am also planning to thrift some more of this denim pants and will try to create a raw edge version and DIY denim culottes. In my body type, crop tops will be the best choice. I chose this oversized stripe crop top for a more 90's vibe and wear my creepers. I also accessorise the whole outfit with my big eyeglass and you probably know that it is on trend right now. I have seen Cassie of WereToThe9s rocking it and need to have one.
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