May 28, 2016

Pangasinan Summer Adventure!

Hi, everyone! The busy bee is back with her one and only summer adventure. *Hoho!* How was your summer guys? and to those who are just starting their summer, what are your plans? Mine was kinda awesome because I got a chance to go to the beach before the rainy season. It's too sad that it ended so soon for me but on the brighter note I enjoyed everything! Just a warning, there will be too many photos in this post but hoping you'll enjoy it. 

W went to a beach resort hopping before we decided to choose El Puerto Marina Beach Resort in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Pangasinan is well known for its beautiful beaches, yummy boneless Bangus and bagoong. Basically, it is one of the places where you can enjoy your summer vacation. El Puerto has a beautiful environment and the villas are Kubo inspired, I also love their Kainan where you can sit and have a conversation with your friends. The resort has it's a small pool, aqua resort, and beach so you can have different options. 

Sunset too is awesome and had a lot of fun taking photos. 

The next morning I woke up 5am and so sad that it is a cloudy morning so I just took some photos by the beach because we arrive late in the afternoon on our first day. Their beach has a smooth light grey sand and it seems you rented the whole beach because there are few people swimming at the beach. 

At 10am the came out but its too hot. I love their mini Kubo and nipa hut umbrella, it gives a Hawaiian vibe. We enjoyed our time at the beach because we need to go home at 12pm. 

So it is time to go home but first lunch! My favorite part of the trip, we went to the famous The Loft. The place is so Instagram-worthy because of the all white and glass place. The food is so good, I didn't get the chance to took a picture. *Haha!* It is one of the food destination in Pangasinan so try it out! All in all, Pangasinan has a lot to offer and so blessed to have a bunch of beautiful beaches and I know a lot of you guys knows about it. I hope you had a great summer and have a great summer to all!

Your stray kid,

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May 13, 2016

Shop Feature: Dezzal

Hi, everyone!
New shop alert for all the online shopping addict out there! Dezzal is a brand new website for all the fashionista out there. DEZZAL is your one-stop fashion shopping destination full of surprises, style, and pure inspiration. Dezzal not only offers premium boutique wear from its own talented in-house designers, but also a sensational collection of carefully-selected designer brands. Our fashion scope is edgy yet complementary: by embracing a truly international vision, we quickly spot styles that will become future trends and make them available to our customers worldwide.

The website is so minimalist and neat. All items are well organized from new items, designers, dresses, tops, outerwear,bottoms and sale items. I also love all the photos on the website, it seems that thy work hard for it from the models to all the clothes. 

On their collection, all items are on trend and clothes are in good quality. I love how you can see the items clearly and in detailed. Here are my top picks from Dezzel.




Go check out more designer pieces on Dezzal!

Your stray kid,

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May 8, 2016

Stealing My Mom's Style

Happy Mother's Day!
Today is a special day for Moms around the world so I want it to celebrate this day especially for them on my blog. My mom is one of the best person in my life and the bravest of them all. I am very lucky to have her in my life and thankful to God that she is the chosen one to give birth on me. I grew up not having my mom beside me because she needs to go overseas for us. Since I was 4 years old my parents got separated so I and my three brothers need to live with my grandparent and aunts. They took cake of us like their own child while my mom is working overseas so she can support us financially. I consider myself  as one of the luckiest kid despite my family situation. I rarely see my mom back then, once every two years then came to the point that it took seven years before she came back to the Philippines. She had a lot of situation sh told me and I can't say anything because she suffered a lot for us to study, eat three meals a day and providing money for the four  of us. She is the greatest guys! Her only dream is for us to finished study, get a job and have a successful future. As a child of her fulfilling her dream is the only thing we can pay her, and yes! we all have our college diplomas. I know that she is proud now and everything she suffered has paid off. I am also thankful to all my aunts and lola for taking care of us while mom is away. 

It is not every day you can say I love you or thank you to all the woman of our life so even once every year we can make them happy to their special day. You are lucky if you are with your mom so don't nag at her because she didn't want you to go on a night out with your friends, just listen to her and spend the night watching Netflix with her while eating a caramel popcorn. Salute to all the great moms!

Sooo... I am celebrating Mother's Day by stealing my mama's style when she was at my age. *peace for the throwback photo ma* I hope she won't get mad at me doing this because she reads my blog. *Number 1 fan it is!* In her 20's her fashion consist of  simple pieces, she wears maxi skirt with a simple top and 80's/90's vintage dress *now*on special occasion. She is also a fan of slacks and button ups, up until now her fashion never change, she is still a fan of everything girly  and she is more fashionista than me actually. On this look, I recreate her go-to outfit back in the days and I recreate her hair too. I added a little something like a bag and a dainty bracelet. What do you think?

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Avenue
Bag; Gifted
Bracelet: Born Pretty Store

Sorry for the long post, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
I hope you find inspiration in this outfit for your next OOTD.

Your stray kid,

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May 4, 2016

Hawaiian Vibes

So, I am here pretending to enjoy a beach getaway.
Everyone is in their mid-summer and I am here haven't started my summer. I am always on my Facebook and Instagram scrolling to my friend's summer getaway. Since I came back to the Philippines I am getting busy bringing my life back by finding a new job, getting fit again and being so positive. While waiting for my summer to start *and get employed* I am in the mood to create summer outfits that I want to wear on the beach, even though I am just at home all day. *fashion blogger's real life* You know how much I love oversized clothes so when my eye lay upon this button up I fell in love and one word strikes me, Hawaii! This outfit is to bring some Hawaii vibes to my boring summer. The top may also serve as a cover up when hitting the beach and it will be a great idea to change your usual cover-ups. To give some detail I roll up the sleeve which is a simple way to pimp up a top even a shirt. The fedora is also going perfectly to the whole outfit and the shoes are surfer shoes. 

Fedora: Local Store
Sunglasses: Local Store
Spaghetti Strap: Local Store
Shorts: Thrifted
Button-up: Gifted
Shoes: Vans Surfer

May 1, 2016

Summer Pants

Hi, everyone!
I hope you are having a great spring/summer season. I know everyone are opting for shorts this summer for a breezy and comfy look in this 36-degree temperature which feels like 40-degree. But for me is different, if you notice I gained weight compared before so I am in a conscious stage to wear shorts and flaunt my big thighs. *Haha!* Luckily, summer and pants got married and have a baby, summer pants. Summer pants basically are pants that have a light material, some are flowy, which are comfortable to wear for a hot weather. This has been my life saver for this past few week of my summer. I am so happy to find a pair in a thrift store which is very cheap and unique. Paired it with my grey top and white sandals. I accessorized my outfit with a chocker necklace, sunnies, bag and my gold cat watch. 

Top: Local Store
Pants: Thrifted
Sandals: IG Shop
Chocker: IG Shop
Sunnies: Local Store

April 27, 2016

Casually Active

Hi, everyone!
You know I've been a huge fan of sporty and this is probably my comfiest outfit for summer.  I've been seeing many fashion enthusiast wearing their active wear into a casual outfit. It is likely getting normal to wear your gym clothes while mall-ing or just going out with friends. One piece of active wear that becoming a casual essential is a jogging pants *or some call it joggers* , I guess fashion now is becoming more innovative and multi-functional, which is for me, is a cool idea. Also, I have a big advantage on this trend because I've been a collector of active wear for quite some time. I can now wear my runner shorts for a casual day without thinking what other say. Here I am wearing a runner shorts paired with my blue gym shirt and runner shoes for some color. Accessorizing the outfit with an arm swag and sunnies. Got my trusty old bag full of tissues, rubbing alcohol, and water for my summer weapon. Now, I am ready to enjoy my day.

Top: West Seal
Shorts: Champion
Sunnies: Local Store
Bag: HK Disneyland
Shoes: Nike

April 24, 2016

Shop Feature: Fashionmia's Maxi Dresses

Hi, everyone!
The season is calling for some major Vitamin SEA and it is also a season of all comfy. I know summer is approaching in some country so this is an early fashion find to be summer ready. If you are like me wearing shirt and shorts is your yearly summer essential and it seems to be boring I am here to feature an alternative way to be more stylish this summer season. I have been featuring Fashionmia for quite some while now because of their affordable yet stylish clothing. *cheaper than other*

Okay, summer babies should know that maxi dress is an essential with all this burning heat and I am here to help you find cheap maxi dresses because we are on a tight budget. Fashionmia is offering a wide range of maxi dresses online and cheap long dresses, all under $20. 

This is my fave choice because it is versatile clothes you can add to your wardrobe, you can dress it down too by wearing your white sneakers.

April 21, 2016


Hi, everyone! It is the time of the year again to bring all the colors in your wardrobe. Yes, I am still a big fan of bright colors for this summer. I want to be as bright as the sun yet comfy to fight the burning temperature. For this summer, I have a big interest for color yellow and wanting my summer to be yellow. So I style a yellow outfit for this summer season. I combined summer styling with my heart for sporty. The shirt I am wearing is so comfy because it has a cotton material with a fun color, pairing it with dark denim shorts so I won't be too bright. Of course, for that comfy walk under the sun, you have to wear your sneakers. The cap is an extra protection from the sun and covering up my bad hair day. Oh, I am super excited for my yellow bag, this bag is just sitting around for years now and already forgotten about it so I've been obsessing over this right now and decided to be my honorary summer bag. *Haha!* Last is my arm swag if you read my previous post you would probably know that they are my fashion point for this year's summer.

What I am wearing?
Cap: ninety-nine store
Top: ninety-nine store
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Nike Running
Bag: Oasis
Arm-swags: Local store

April 17, 2016

Fashion Point: Arm Candy for Summer

Hi, everyone!
Summer is official here in PH so humidity is killing me every day. Summer also means color, flower, comfy clothes, and music festival. I know Coachella is happening right now and one of the fashion point I am seeing to Coachella is arm candy or other called it arms swag. Ever since this word has given birth I became a big fan of it. It came to the point that I've collected a lot and learn to mix and match everything. This is a good way of giving some extra to your simple outfit. 

Fashion point is a specific piece in your whole outfit that makes it "on point". For this summer arms swag is one of my fashion points. Here are some of my favorites from my collection:

This is probably my go-to arm swag every summer especially when I am going to a pool for a summer getaway. I think you've seen this in my previous summer outfits. 
Everything: Local store

Green and Yellow: Enchanted Kingdom
Pink Baller: Star City, Pasay
Peace bracelet: Local store

April 13, 2016

Summer Goth x Banggood

Hi, everyone! I am back with my blogging schedule after a long period of time. A lot of things happened this past few weeks but I am happy to tell you guys that I am back in Philippines, though it's a long story of what just happen. Anyway, back to the real post I am so lucky to share to you my Banggood items. 

I've been seeing a lot of bloggers purchasing items from Banggood so I check them out and saw that it has a super wide range of products, not just only clothing. They also have toys, gadgets, electronics accessories, and sports/outdoor equipment with a pocket-friendly price. I got a creeper shoes and let me tell you that I got them with a well-packed parcel. I am very happy to see a parcel that was effort-ly packed, it is in a very hard box and the shoes are inside a cloth bag for an additional protection. *What? Two thumbs up for that!* The kawaii socks ar also well packed inside the shoe box. It is my first time to received a parcel in such a good condition. *If you know what I mean, PH bloggers* The creepers are in a good quality material and very satisfied with the design details, it really worth the wait. Oh, I can't get enough of the cuteness of the socks and they are all gonna be my kawaii points in my every outfit.

All in all review: VERY SATISFIED
Customer Service: 5/5 ✰✰✰✰✰
Quality: 5/5 ✰✰✰✰✰
Price:5/5 ✰✰✰✰✰
Shipping: 5/5 ✰✰✰✰✰
Packaging: 5/5 ✰✰✰✰✰

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