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Hi, I am Qing Pineda and welcome to my blog. Qing's Style was born on Feb 03, 2014 before I finishing my BS Degree. My passion for fashion and dressing up are my inspiration in putting up this blog. In my teen years, I am a girl who lacks a lot of things especially clothes and shoes. I still remember that I can only have new clothes every Christmas for my pamasko. Also, I can only have shoes if someone from my relatives give me their pre-loved shoes. Back then, I am a mess up (baduy) little girl and I promised to myself that someday I can have any clothes and shoes I want. In my early days of college, I have enough allowance to save money for clothes and started building my own closet. That is the time when I started experimenting trends, I became a trendsetter in our school. After I finished my Associate, I moved to a new University for my brand new world and decided to join Chictopia. Chictopia is my first step in blogsphere, it is my source of fashion inspiration and met a lot of fashion individuals who really work their best.

Way back Feb 2014, I decided to create my own fashion blog and Qing's Style was born. I manage to post outfit while doing my thesis. When I started working on my first job I also manage to update my blog. It is a tough work because I am a one man team, no photographer... I'm just setting up my tripod and it is still what I am doing right now to run my beloved blog.

I created Qing's Style to document my outfit, share ideas and inspire girls to be more confident. I've been in a midst of finding my own self in the past so I am hoping that in this simple way I can help a messed up girl to be more confident of what they are wearing.

Blogging passionately with a purpose since 2014.

"Fashion is your creative self, be yourself, step up and own it"

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