Hi Bloggers!

I've been wanting to have a blog but my mind can't decide if I should or not. In this past few months I am so inspired to do it for real. Now, its official! I have my own blog. I know this will be a hard journey but hey! I want this to make be possible. Theres a lot of bloggers out there and blogging is not a competition. Well, being a blogger is a career choice right? Some do it because for them is a job but whatever your purpose is, what's important is your enjoying what you are doing.

Before I created this blog I've been in a lot of ideas and interest but I know I want a fashion blog! Maybe I love fashion and beauty related things. I dress to express myself and everyone does. I don't know but I love the feeling of learning new things with other people and express it in my own way. One day I bumped into this quote from Yves Saint Laurent,
 "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is a woman who is wearing it." 
I read a lot of blogs and watch youtube videos for inspirations but what took my interest is the person who shares his/her thoughts. The fact that she is just being herself and the passion of sharing what other can learn from her. I know I'm a little bit complicated... what I want to say is everyone can be an instrument of inspiration and I want to be that instrument. Ideas is like fingerprints and no one is alike. Today, I've decided to share my thoughts and ideas in fashion, beauty or any random stuffs. 

This is my first post and hopefully I can rock my new life... being a BLOGGER!

Love lots,