Qing's Style: Back to Basic

Hi loveys!
This is my first post for my Qing's Style segment here in my blog. Basically, its all about my own style. Today I've decided to feature basic clothes where anyone has in their closet. Styling monochromatic colors is an easy task but others neglected plain white tees and don't rock them. For me, if you're in doubt wear white. My inspiration for this look are girls who love skating. I'm a fan of a girl who thinks out of their box and love adventures. I have a lot of style but this style is what I really rock! Whatever your style is, as long as you rock it, wear it! 

Outfit Deets:

Plain White Tee: From mom
Shoes: Vans
Shorts: Local Store near me
Shades: Local Store (Rayban Knock off)
Accessories: Local Store near me