Qing's Style: Bows and Skirt

Hi loveys!
I think I'm enjoying blogging because I'm posting everyday.. Haha! I'm dedicating this post to all girly and feminine ladies out there. I know I know we can't deny that bows are our besties and bows in skirt is a plus! Bows can make anything kawaii right? I think you are all sure what my style is now. One of my blog visitor commented that I'm so feminine and chic (so flattered).  Haha! Before I'm just a "denim pants and shirt" girl, I'm satisfied with my simplest style. I know some of us have been in her "ugly duckling" life and definitely I've been in that situation way way back (in my high school life). As time goes by, I learned what is fashion and how to experiment with it. In that point of my life, I became in love with fashion and makeup. "I don't dress to impress but to express myself." I know everyone does! Whatever clothes you wear, just be yourself! That is a simple way to live by. This passion of mine leads me to create this blog.. not to brag but to inspire ladies out there to "be their self". :)

This outfit is a basic outfit style because its a black and white combo. The outfit has a staple pieces where you can find in your closet. Its not required to have the same pieces to pull off this look. Remember: "Experiment"!

Whatever your style is.. wear it! Just go out and rock on!

Outfit Deets:
White Chinese Collar Top: Thrifted
Bow Black Skirt: Thrifted
Velvet Black Shoes: From my Aunt

Makeup Deets:
Same as my last post (here). If you want to know my Go-to makeup let me now. I'm also a makeup geek so I can post a tutorial for you loveys! 

Love lots,