Qing's Style: Give Yourself a Flower

Hi loveys!
Especially to all singles out there! Here is my Valentines outfit for singles, for me Valentines is not for all couples. As long as we have love in our heart we deserve Valentines. I've been single for so long and I think I am used to it.. Haha! and today is Valentines in my country I celebrated it with my thesis.. Kinda fun huh? Haha! Well, I spent it with myself and shop a lil bit.. okay.. I shop a lil way more.. Haha! (perk of being single) :) There is a lot of things to do this Valentines even if you are single. You can have a "me time" or a Girlfriends date which is more fun.. right? Anyway, back to the outfit... this outfit is feminine with a vintage vibe with it. It is also perfect for Valentines which is so chic and girly... you will never know you will meet your man on this day.. sounds awesome! Spread LOVE!

Happy Valentines Day!

Outfit Deets:
Floral Top: Local store
Peachy Shorts: Thrifted
Braided Brown Belt: Local store
Shoes: From a friend
Accessories: DIY

Makeup Deets:
BB Cream: Maybelline (2)
Powder: Maybelline Powder Foundation (Honey)
Eyeliner: From a Japanese store
Lippie: NYX (Milan)
Blush: Colors

Love lots,