Qing's Style: Happy Picnic!

Hi loveys!
I'm loving the weather now and its a perfect time to have a picnic right? It may be with your girlfriends, family or boyfriend (perfect time for love month). To all single ladies like me... having a picnic is a fun idea to spend the love month with all your single girlfriends. Okay, it will also be a romantic idea to spend Valentines with your love one! *smile* 

Well, in less than two weeks... Valentines Day will approach. I know it is a happy day for all people in relationship out there. But hey singles! You can spend it with your love ones too like your best friend or with your family.Valentines is LOVE day but remember... Love is a horizon. As the Frozen movie implies that a true love is not about "prince kissing you", its all about how you sacrifice for the person. We all deserve to be happy this Valentine's Day by showing your love to all the people who sacrifices for you.

I'll be posting my Valentines Day Qing's Style soon, so expect more! 

Outfit Deets:
Top: Warehouse
Shoes: From Aunt
Shorts: Local Store near me
Headband: Local Store near me
Accessories: Local store from Baguio
Lippie: NYX (Milan)
Eyeshadow: Wet and Wild
Eyeliner: NYX (Jetblack)
Blush: Bourjois (Blush/Blusher)
Foundation/BB Cream: Maybelline (02)

Love lots,