Qing's Style: Just Put Your Collar On

Hi loveys!
I hope you all having a great day! If you are following me for a while you know how much I love my vintage/classic look. :) I've been loving this kind of outfit for quite a while now. I love to feel that girly and classing vibes with my outfit. If you know someone who has this kind of look you are awesome! Haha! I want to share who inspires my fave outfit.. it's Keiko Lynn! I know you all know Keiko Lynn. She is so sweet, girly and love vintage or classic look. She loves to incorporate flowers in her look. Whatever she wears.. she always nailed it.She is so consistent with her style. That's why I adore her! She has her own signature style. Before I knew her, I am a vintage/classic girl. I was just more inspired because of her. She is so successful in her career and she enjoys it so much! and I want to be like her but in my own way. :D I want to embrace my own style and experiment with it. You lovey? Who is your inspiration? Please let me know, I love to hear it! 

I just want to share to you loveys that I have a little collection of high waist-ed shorts that looks like a skirt going on my closet. I think I have three pairs of pink/peach shorts. Girlys gotta have love pink right? :) I paired it with a simple top to make it more simple but what makes it classic is my DIY floral collar necklace! The collar necklace brings the vintage/classic look to my outfit. I hope you love my outfit look today! <3

Outfit Deets:
Top: Local store near me
High waist-ed shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: From a friend (My fave shoes as of the moment)
Floral Collar Necklace: DIY

Love lots,