Qing's Style: Nature Lover

Hi loveys! 
Can I say that blogging is the bomb!? Haha! Actually, its my stress reliever.. Thesis is such a stressing work (documentation is crazy!) and yes I am a graduating student now. Soon we will have our Thesis Defense and its pressuring me a lot! I can't wait for my Graduation Day.. I want it to be today! Haha! Well, if you are just curious about my course, its Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. BSIT is my second course and I had finished my Airline Operation and Procedure course.. and can I just say I had enough in studying? Going to school and studying lesson is a boring thing now for me. 7 years in college is not a joke! Hey! Haha! But this is an important thing to me. My family is expecting too much and I won't disappoint them. Super happy that I'm near to the end of my college life and I will face a new beginning! My plans after graduation is to review for my FOO (Flight Operation Officer) Licensure exam (studying again! Haha!) and be part of the Aviation Industry. Well, I think I'm babbling unrelated thoughts right now? ;p 

Anyways, this outfit is inspired by nature (of course). The green dress has a soft and flowy material, super comfortable to wear. I paired it with a flat floral shoes and a floral headband to give it a nature feel. Someone said that I look like a fairy.. :) Yay or Nay?

Enough of the serious pictures, here are some of my SMILE.

Outfit Deets:
Green Dress: Never Been Kissed
Floral Shoes: Solemate (SM Dept. Store)
Flower Headband: Local Store

Make up deets is just the same as my other post but the lippie is EVER BILENA in Mauve

P.S: I will be hosting a giveaway soonest! Thanksgiving giveaway for my graduation! :)

Love lots,