Qing's Style: That Geek Chic

Hi loveys!
Valentines Day is over and its time to treasure those sweet, romantic and happy moments. I guess everyone got toothache with all the chocolates and sweets? Haha! And some will workout today to burn all the calories with all the foods in the restaurant! That is just okay ladies.. what is important is you had a wonderful day. Well, I also had a wonderful post Valentines celebration with my friends.. perk of being a single.. (feel me?) Haha! Who needs boyfriend if you have wonderful and awesome friends.. right? That is why I'm happy being single (not really.. LOL) but seriously.. I'm waiting for the right guy to come.. (cheesy?!). Okay I'll stop babbling now.. 

If you can tell I love vintage, all florally vintage (obvious on my blog theme). Sooo.. this outfit is inspired by vintage/classic outfit with a lil touch of me. I also incorporate a lil Geekiness on it and yes I'm a four eyed girl which sometimes sucks! I also want to excuse my background.. Haha! It's kinda hard to be a one man team.. but I'm enjoying blogging! I am sure now that I will continue this.. To all who can read this, please comment and let me know your blog site, networking site etc. and I will definitely following it!  Promise! :) Anyway I think I talk so much.. Haha! Bye for now!

Outfit Deets:
Top: Warehouse
Mustard Skirt: Thrifted
Oxford Shoes: Peacock
Eyeglass: Cartier

Makeup Deet:
Makeup is just the same but the lippie is Wet and Wild (514 A)

Love lots,