I am a RUNNER!

Hi loveys!
I'm back with a vengeance! :) Sorry for not posting fashion outfits, I'm just working on something awesome.. and waiting for my new camera. (I think its a valid excuse right? Haha!) Anyway, I just want to share my running journey! I want you all to know me more in a different way. I am not a fan of working out or eating healthy before. I am just a regular human who eats whatever they cook for me and never workout. But, one day it just strike me.. That moment when I felt like I am not physically fit and I need to lose some weight. Then I started to be on a diet but it never worked out. 

Hello to CHUBBY ME! :)

This was taken last 2012, this is the time when I started to think I should workout and I thank this pictures because it leads me to running.

In my case, diet is not enough and crash diet is a big NO! NO! I tried to crash diet but it just makes me sick and that is a worst case. Food is a source of energy and never ever think to remove it on your system. Rather eat healthy food that will help you on your diet. I am not an expert or what so ever.. this is just based on my experience. I just had a bad experience on crash diet. Haha! Anyway, its a lesson learned on my part. Second reason why I decided to work out is my severe hormonal acne. Its the time where I lose everything.. self esteem, personality and character. I had that self pity and depressing time. A time where everyone is just stare at me and I know its all about how severe my acne are. I have severe acne for like 5 months before I found a right regimen that cleared them up. I just read about that running can be a good help when you have an acne, then I started running. So, running became a multi purpose for me.. to lose weight and to clear my acne! (thumbs up!) Well, all in all I am just destined to run. 

This my territory! I own it.. I run to it!

First day is a tough day! I can't finish a half track.. Haha! But it is normal for a first timer. I finish my one week goal and my legs are so painful! Stairs are my enemy! Even walking is a struggle. Then I read more about running, what are the dos and don'ts. Its like learning a new things. On my second week, I set my goal.. my goal is to finish half track but I can't do it.. I keep my goal and tried my best. On my third week, I can finish a half track! (Yehey!) I kept my half track for one week more. On my second month, I set my goal to full track. This is my crucial part, I got injured. My legs got swollen and I can't barely walk. I recovered for three weeks.

Did I give up? Hell NO! :D I had this "Love at first run" feeling. Running has become my "ME TIME" moment and I never been that free in my life. Injury is not a reason to give up and I am just warming up! Haha! I continue my full track goal and adding one full track every 2 weeks. Running is a tough journey, at first I have a running buddy but they give up. I run even though I'm alone because I enjoyed it! Ever since, I live my life being the "different" and always alone. Running has changed my lifestyle.. it changed me physically and emotionally. Now, I never mind being the different and alone. Running taught me that "running alone" make a different world. Just run and rocked on!

This is my first 4 mile! (4th month)

My one major key is "MOTIVATION".. always find a person or thing that will boost your motivation. The most important thing is "DETERMINATION". You can't achieve your goal if you are not determine to achieve it. 

Its always a beautiful end of the day. This is what I see everyday after I run. :) One of my "MOTIVATION".

Every person has their own work out. It is just running has became a workout that works for me and I just feel to share it to you guys! HAHA! Just a randomness on my life. :) I hope this will caught your interest and inspire you to be more fit and healthy. It does not need to be running, there are a lot of workout that will surely works for you. You will surely find the destined workout that will change your life. (Seriously..)

More photos of me!

Now, its my 9th month and I am running 5k everyday! :)

Share your experience that change your life. I want to hear it and be inspired!

Love lots,