I'm Still A Kiddo

Hi loveys!
I'm back with a new outfit post! *Woot Woot* I know.. I know.. its been a while again.. Haha! But I'm back with a Qing's Style post! As far as you know guys I am busy in my Graduation and its getting near! *Superb Excited* This coming April 2 is the day! *biggest day of my life* How I wish you can all celebrate with me but don't worry guys I am planning to host a giveaway soonest as a celebration and thanks giving! *thumbs up* So before further a do here is the outfit post. :)

You can see the excitement in my smile! Haha!

Loving the cut outs on the sleeves its unique and fun!

Stolen shot! Haha!

Surprise! Surprise! Monster shirt for all of you! Rawr! :D

I'm super fan of baggy shirt because they are comfy and cool piece at the same time!

Sometimes dirty shoes are cool looking.


Too much love with this thrifted find! Yes! You read it right.. its thrifted! Haha! I think I will confess that I am a thrift addict! I have a huge collection of thrifted finds and I disinfect them guys. Haha! I also taking my time to find the perfect piece that I really want. Thrifting is not an easy task you guys! Wahahahahah! I am planning to have a "Thrifting Journey" post and let me know if you want that loveys! Thrift store in my country is different from a Thrift store in US. So yeah! Let me know guys!

P.S: I want to thank all my readers, followers and all the comments! You all mean a lot to me! *promise*

Outfit Deets:
Monster Shirt: Thrifted
Denim Off White Shorts: Local Store
Yellow Shoes: Reva

Love lots,