Qing's Style: A Bouquet of Floral Outfit

Hi loveys!
It's my first monthsary today! (Yehey!) One month of blogging and more to come! This month I have 18 followers and 1333 pageviews. For me this is a great achievement because every view and followers are big achievements. A single view from one in a million person in the world means a lot to me. That means that person is interested on what on my simple blog. All my lovely followers always makes my day. Everytime I check my blog and see all your photos makes me more motivated and with that said I want to thank you all guys! I never thought that I will have a followers in just a month! Awesome! :) To all the lovely comments I received every single post are my treasure. I know I sound cheesy but I'm really overwhelmed! You are now a big part of my life.. my blogger life and journey! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! xxxx

To show my gratitude, HAHA! I dedicate this outfit to all of you! I call this "A bouquet of flowers" outfit because its flower all over. You know how much I love flowers! (love flowers so much). The top has a floral detailing which makes it more chic and seems you have flower necklace. :D The floral shorts is vintage which is perfect for the top. You can't go wrong in pairing a plain color top and a printed short. A simple rule to remember. The shoes I'm wearing is not doing its justice, (sorry for this) but the shoes is an off white and its a lace inspired design. The accessories are just simple, pink, white and pearl to make the outfit more girly. 

Outfit Deet:
Pink Sweater: Thrifted
Floral Shorts: Thrifted
Accessories: DIY, Juicy Couture Knock off
Shoes: Local store
Braided belt: Genevieve

Love lots,