Random Geez: A Quick Share

Hi loveys! 
It's been a while since I posted here in my blog. Well, I have an excuse for that.. I'm busy with my thesis (as some of you would know) but I have more time now and I think I'll be a full time blogger starting this day!(Yehey!). That means more outfit post and random geez for all of you guys! :)

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to quickly share to you loveys is my Bloglovin' achievement! (clap! clap!) Haha! 

JARAN! I've reached 300 followers in less than 2 months! This is cray cray for me! Haha! So awesome! Of course as a thank you for them I follow back.. ;p so that I can also be connected to all the people who have the same passion as me which is the best thing! I know I'm being cheesy but its really the best. If you have Bloglovin' follow me here I will surely follow you back! :) You can also follow me to all my networks and inform me that you just followed me then I will follow back so we can be friends! I love meeting new friends! 

One more quick share! :) I just found a site that I really enjoy. Some of you might know it and for some who don't know it.. It is the ASOS Fashion Finder! What makes it awesome and enjoyable is that you can create an outfit and share it to other members of the site. Here are my creations!

If you want to view more of my outfit creations you can visit me here or if you want to enjoy creating outfits you can sign up to the site and don't forget to follow me! Haha! You can also leave your email address in the comment section down below so I can invite you! In this site you can also upload your own image and create an outfit inspired by your outfit post. There is also a link where you can find the outfit and many more. Well, I think I'm explaining it not that clearly. Haha! To know more about it visit the site here.

This is the Profile looks like:

This is what you can do and enjoy:

I guess thats all I can quickly share! :) If you have a quick sharing on your blog please let me know because I will love to read it! :) And oh! I'm getting ready for my upcoming giveaway! So please watch out for it and I will keep you all posted. 

This is not a sponsored post, I just really want to share it to you guys. 

Love lots,