Happy Bear

Hi loveys!
Today is my graduation day! Woot woot! :) Anyway, I will share my happiness today. Today is the end of my college days! *super happy* It is official! No assignment, no exams, no projects, no more programming and no more system! *smile wide as a river* Oh I think I never shared what is my course.. well.. I finished Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I'm not a fan of programming like software development and system development *alien language* but I love designing like photoshop, adobe flash etc. *anything with designing* In short I'm not a full fledge Information Technologist! Haha! *sorry to disappoint programmers but I will look up to all of you forever*. So, I think I need to start hunting a job. *wish me luck*. 

Thumbs up for an outdoor shoot! :) This was taken yesterday at Ninoy Aquino International Airport to pick up my best graduation gift ever! My mom! After 4 years in Bahrain my mom went home (Philippines) for my graduation. I'm the happiest bear in the world! Haha!

Mom's ETA is 12:44 pm but waited 1 hr at the departure area. *DELAYED FLIGHT* and when I saw mom I had the best day ever!If you are wondering why my mom is in Bahrain, she is working there for us to finish our studies. It's a big sacrifice for her thats why I am so thankful I had the best mom in the world! If you are with your mom you are lucky so make it the best day for her everyday. 

Okay, lets talk about the outfit now. I've been saving this outfit for mom's home coming. I think I created this outfit last month and I tempted to wear it 3 times but I said to myself "No Qing!" Haha! *Have experienced this scenario?*

Can I say that summer here in the Philippines is insanely hot! I'm getting chocolatey now! Haha! This shoot is a sacrifice you guys! Anyway I think I'll stop the storytelling here though I didn't share much! :)

Outfit Deets:
Top: Mom
Skort: Thrifted
Sunnies: Local Store
Watch: Casio Retro Gold (Women)
Oxford: Mom's gift

P.S. I have a new section for selfie here in my blog so sorry if kinda annoying for some. Haha! #FOTD


Simple makeup for summer because summer is officially here and it's so HoOOOT! Share your summer makeup to me I love to know it! 

Love lots,