Sabuaga Festival: OOTD

Hi loveys!
April is a busy month for me and that explains why I am not updating my blog often. Sorry for always saying sorry.. Ihihi! (^^,) Graduation is over, holy week is over and mom's vacay is also over that means I should start again my workout and running routine. Just what I said April is a busy month that is why April is a "everyday cheat day"! I hate myself that I ate all the food I want for three weeks and now I am regretting everything. Haha! Anyway, I want to greet everyone a belated "HAPPY EASTER!". How is your easter guys? I hope you enjoyed finding the easter bunny.. Ihihi! Well,my easter is quite different because we don't egg hunt but we shower flowers! :)

Every easter we are celebrating a Town Feast which is called the "SABUAGA FESTIVAL". Sabuaga means "Shower a Flower", it is an annual celebration for the feast of Sto. Tomas here in Pampanga. The celebration includes all the seven barangays of the town where they compete for the title. The festival is a traditional street dance with their colorful and floral costumes. Every year the festival has its different themes where participants should interpret them through dancing. This year is its 4th year and every year is always fun.

Here are some of the pictures I photograph myself:

This is the group that has the simplest costume and inspired by Masskara Festival

Super love the colorful banner in their costume.

I love how they incorporate the sunflower in their costume.

The dress is so stunning and have intricate details.

The metalling rainbow in the dress makes it more festive under the sun.

This is one of my fave head dress which is a cone like with fish details on it.

This won the best costume and they deserve it because they achieve the perfect color combination plus the headdress are like butterfly wings.

All the children are enjoying dancing in the beat of Sabuaga Song even if it is 2pm and the sun is so loud and proud. This is how I celebrate my Easter, I want to know how you celebrate your easter! Just comment down below and I want to hear it! :)

Let's see the OOTD part!

Seriously, the hottest summer!

Obsessed with my sunnies!

This shoes are not white anymore! T.T

1,2,3 SMIILLE!

Hello there car window selfie!

Outfit Deets:
Oversized Floral Long sleeves: Thrifted
Inner Top: Thrifted
High waisted Shorts: DIY
White Tennis Shoes: H&M
Sunnies: SM Accessories

I guess that is all about it, I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day!

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