Whites and Floral

Hi loveys!
I just finished my 21 day workout challenge and about to go out for run later. So before I go out and run I want to post an outfit idea! :) Since mom went home I can't workout and diet at all.. OMG! I've been eating like crazy for three weeks so I've decided to go back in track after she went back to Bahrain. (sorry if I talk too much about my workout and diet.. HAHA!) It's sad that mom vacay is over and it will took a long time to see each other again. Hopefully next year she can go home and celebrate my brothers graduation. It's kinda hard living without a mother on your side but in God's grace we survive! Just a little bit of patience we can be a complete family! :)

So this is what I wore when we bring her to the airport. (This is more of an OOTD)

You can't tell that I love floral! Ihihi! No matter what season it is I wear florals, it is my favorite thing in the world. Being a girly girl, floral has been my go to outfit especially its summer! I can't deny that I'm not being creative on my outfit lately.. (^^,) Hahahahaha! Anyway, I just want to share that my floral skater skirt is a great steal! Got this for 100 Php thats just more than $2! Girls fave thing in the world is cheappo clothing but with great quality and cute! 

Messy hair don't kurr! Haha!

I also love white, it gives a neat touch to any outfit. Are you a person who will be obsessed with your new stuff? Once you got it, you will wear it over and over again? Well, we both live in the same world! Haha! I can't stop myself from wearing this white tennis shoes that my mom got for me. Super comfy and looks great with any casual outfit. 

Long driving means BOREDOM so I guess its time for a random pictures. (-_-)

What is your go to pieces? Something you would wear over and over again? I want to know, so please comment down below! Your comments mean a lot to me! I LOVE YOU GUYS! xoxo! Until next post.

Outfit Deets:
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Local Store
Shoes: H&M
Sunnies: SM Dept. Store
Cellphone: LG L5
DSLR: Nikon D3100

Love lots,