We Can Be Royal

"Flowers are the music to the ground, from earth's lips spoken without sound. -Edwin Curran"

Hi loveys!
I can't get enough of summer, seriously! We will have a summer outing again and now it is with my friends! Wohoho! I'm so excited! I'm so excited! \O/ If you notice that I'm getting tanner and tanner now. I have this weird skin where I can easily get tan and its struggle to get back to my natural skin. Because I am always wearing shorts (especially in running) you can see the big difference in my tan lines. Haha! Mom said that I'm getting chocolatey. (I think its a compliment cause chocolates are yummer! Haha)

Who can't go wrong with bows and its not an ordinary bow, its a summer appropriate bow! This bow is seriously bright, people will see it from a far. Haha! But seriously, I wear it because it matches my top.. Ihihi! 

Let's talk about my obsession guys, FLOWER/FLORALS! I don't know what is happening but I always grab my floral pieces! I hope it won't be a mental disorder like taking selfies. Haha! 

Shiny face don't kurr! :) I love the color and shoulder cut outs of my top. Its a perfect piece to feel sexy but not too showy. I paired it with a floral shorts which still has the shades of blue. Perfect match! :) With shoes, I always wear flats, nothing special. :D

Outfit Deets:
Top: Oasis
Shorts: From mom
Watch: Casio Retro Gold
Ribbon: Local Store
Flats: Solemate (SM Dept. Store)

Love lots,