Start Of A New Summer!

Hello loveys!
Goodbye May and hi June!
I can't believe that summer is near to its end or should I say that it is officially over? Summer in other country is just starting that means its a "start of new summer" for all Pinays. It is still hot on days but rain is pouring so hard at night where I live. So I still have an excuse to wear more florals! Haha! Sorry but my wardrobe is like a garden of clothes. Ihihi!

Blue hues for a fresh start of summer! 

TIP: To style floral is to put choose one plain color on the floral top to match with the outfit. In this case I choose blue to be my plain color. Also, use a different shades so it won't be like uber mono chromatic. Since I have floral top, the plain colored shorts will serve as a "barrier?" (i don't know the exact term.. haha) to the floral shoes so that it will not look like a in your face bouquet of flowers. (if you know what I mean.. :D) 

I hope my simple tip helps you on how to style floral pieces. Also, don't forget to join on my GIVEAWAY! *Thank you to all who already join the giveaway please spread the word and wish all GOODLUCK!*

Outfit Deets:
Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Shubiz (SM Dept. Store)
Bag: Oasis

Until next post!

Love lots,