Stripes And Some Pink

Hi lovey bears!
I am back and ready to kick in! Apologies for not posting for almost a month and not updating after my giveaway. Anyways, speaking of giveaways... I want to thank everyone who participated on my first ever giveaway. Its a nice feeling to giveback and share blessings to someone. Again, thank you so so much! Please look forward for more GIVEAWAYS.

Back to the main purpose of this blog post, I want to share to you my MORONG, BATAAN vacation. One on my bucket list has been checked, to spent a vacation on beach.Though it is late for summer.. Haha! I am so jealous to all the people who lives near by the beach because Pampanga is not gifted with beautiful beaches. That is why I am happy to have an opportunity to spend an oh so good vacation to refresh my mind with all the typhoon going on. But we are lucky that it became a hot sunny day. As a certified cam whore I can't leave Morong without any outfit snapshots. :D

Had a great seaside walk session here. The waves and wind is like singing. I just realized how great nature is. 

Outfit Deets:
Top: Warehouse
Shorts: Thrifted
Sandals: Jessica (SM Dept. Store)
Sunnies: Splash Accessories

Love lots,