The Kimono That Cuddles + Update

Hi loveys!
It's been decades again and again, Haha! I alsways have the excuses whenever I post on my humble blog. Now, I am back with an outfit post for all of you lovey bears especially for all kimono lovers out there! Just an update, I am trying to post once a week now and I hope I can do it specially that I am employed now. Yes, you heard it right, after 4 months of being part of the unemployed population I got my first real job! Woot woot! This is the reason why I am not posting in quite a while now. So before further a do here is the outfit I created. I hope you like it!

I want to virtually shout that this Kimono is so perf for me, the classic/vintage vibe is screaming my name. I know this Kimono is all over the fashion blogging world but I think this should be a staple piece for a girl especially for this Kimono trend going on. 

I paired the Kimono with a pieces that its in color wheel. I decided to style it with my vintagey pieces like my high waist-ed skorts. By the way, messy hurr do't kurr right? Haha!

Another thing that makes it vintagey is the bag. OMG! I super love it! Its perfect for any classic even boho look outfits. It looks small but it is kinda spacious for its size. 

Closer look of the fringe.

Back design.

Just an awkward pose. Ihihi! 

Let's just appreciate the beautiful background, its kinda awkward to have photo shoot (by myself) in this area because there are some random vehicles that are passing by. If you don't know, this is the same venue in my recent post (here).

Some random pictures (that I think I should include. Haha!). I didn't had the chance to get pose/pictures that I really want because there this random teen boys and girls that stopped by where I'm working. It seems like that they purposely stop there to bully me. It really pisses me off because I am working and there this some random people choose to bother you. Well, I just walk out. LOL! 

FYI: I work on my blog alone. I am a one man team, all I have is myself, my blog, my Nikon D3100, my tripod and my outfits. (I guess I need a boytographer now.Nyahahaha!)

Outfit Deets:
Kimono: Chicnova
Bag: Chicnova
Top: Thrifted
Skort: Thrifted
Belt: Genevieve
Shoes: Thrifted

'Til next post!



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