Good, Good Life

Hi stray kids!
I just want to quickly share my birthday outfit last 17th. *Hohoho!* Though my birthday is an ordinary working day, spent my whole birthday on computer. *sad bear* Being 25 is no joke you guys, its not like my other birthday where I can celebrate it with a bang. Now, that I am independent and working to earn my own money to live, I need to save every penny. In this point of my life where I explore the real world, work in a real world, deal with a bunch of people in a real world and living in a place far from home. 

*Enough drama for now.*

Flannel: Off Brand | Yinyang shirt: Off Brand | Shorts: Thrifted | Eyeglass: Thrifted | Bag: Salvatore
Manne | Shoes: Vans

Do I look 25? Haha!
I've been trying all black outfit lately so since its my birthday I should incorporate red. I believe in the saying "When its your birthday, wear red." *tryin' to be funny here*

I'm bringing back my Geekyness because I miss my geek eyeglasses. I really have poor eyesight and have astigmatism, since I am a stubborn child I don't wear my real eyeglass. Haha! I'm planning to invest a good frame so I can be stylish even I am a four eyed girl. (O_O)

I call this pooping pose. Haha!

My Sunday face. I'm writing this post on a Sunday afternoon and this is my literal face. I hate Monday! Typical person who works on weekdays. I will be on my first month at work this week and I am still on an adjusting state. Manila is such a busy place, there is a big difference in Pampanga, I can't cope up with the environment. I hope in time I can be the so called "Manila-girl".

Hey! Its my birthday, I should be happy. Through tough times, hardship and obstacles at the end of the day I can say "Its a good, good life." For me, birthday is a "thanks giving day" exclusive for my self. It's the time of the year to show the gratitude of the yearly blessings and a gift of life. I always wish so birthday wishes were granted in advance. *kimchi*

Friday and I am in-love. I call my Friday "Adventure Time", Haha! I go home in Pampanga on Fridays after work so it is a must to ride an LRT or MRT. Yeah, Manila life is a traffic prone life. *Oh yeah*. All in all, my life is just beginning. More adventure will come on m soon. I know I just blab a lot but I know there will be a person who will read this and say... "I can feel you." 

In my 25 years of existence, there is one thing in my life that I am thankful that I did. Blogging! I just found the "one thing" in my life that I can do forever. Thank you so much for my 113 GFC followers and 600+ Bloglovin' followers. I love you all guys! We all rock! 

But wait, I want to share my blessing to all of you guys! I have a 10% OFF coupon code for all of you guys on  Born Pretty Store. You can use QEAT10 to get 10% discount. They have a bunch of cute accessories on their store and I want them all. Haha!

Until next post!