Hi there stray kiddos!
Before anything else, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope that you had a blast with all the Halloween parties going on. I am sure a lot of you bust out their scariest costume and got a bunch of treats. Well, as for me... I don't, actually, we don't celebrate Halloween *BOO!*. Maybe it is not a tradition in our community but I hope soon we can organize a spook-tacular party for kids. Anyway, since it's Halloween and being scary is normal I have a lil bit appropriate *I guess?* for this spooky month.

Beannie: Chicnova | Alien Sunnies: Chicnova

Muscle Shirt: Vintage/Thrifted | Shorts: CK | Shoes: Rubi from @lovebazaarph

Not your typical Halloween costume. Haha! Many people *Well, Pampanga people* stares at me like *OMG! Is she normal?*. I really enjoyed creeping out people *as far I am concern I creep them out* or maybe not.

Let's unleash our alien-ess inside. Feeling like an alien with my sunglasses. Been eyeing this for so long and I am super happy that I got them for my birthday. *Woot woot!* I also got my Rubi shoes for my birthday. All my gifts are bought by me. *Haha!* Thank you myself! *Yay!*

Take a moment and appreciate my muscle tee. I am a 90's baby and I felt like a hero finding this vintage muscle tee. But wait there is more, got this for Php50 ($1). *Hohoho!*

I hope you like it and enjoy Halloween's treat for all of you. It is already All Saints Day here in Philippines. This day we remember all our loved ones who passed away. Light some candles and gather together to spend time remembering our loved ones. I hope we will never forget the true purpose of this day. All right! Have a blast! Until next post my stray kiddos!

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Your stray kid,