Qing's Style: Sportee

Hi, stray kids! I am so excited because summer is around the corner! The weather is getting humid and I am busting out all my summer pieces. So this post is my last post wearing my beanie I guess. What I am loving about summer is that I can rock my fave comfy clothes. But for now, I am rocking sporty outfit because I love me this kind of fashion. This big sporty tee is thrifted which I am loving right now. I think I might rock big shirts this summer because I must! Summer here in the Philippines is so hot, like its really hot. Big shirts like this will save you from sweat! And also, I will not include the beanie, of course! *Hehe!*

Shirt: Thrifted | Shorts: Adidas | Beanie: Local store | Shoes: Reva

Are you also excited for summer and what are your plans to rock summer? 

Your stray kid,