Something Good To Share: The Go-To Checklist to Donate Clothes

Girls can't get enough of clothes, IKR! Shopping is our favorite thing to do without knowing that we already have a bunch in our closet. Old clothes are getting elder and tend to just sit in the closet. To all girls who wants to have cleaned up their closet, there is one thing we can do! Yes, it's time to pick those pieces that just sitting around the corner and donate them to those who needed them most. I think this infographic is a great thing to share and will be helpful for us.

Courtesy of: Alight

I hope this will help a lot! I am starting to pick all clothes to donate! Happy Donating! 

Your stray kid,



  1. Great post!

  2. This is a brilliant idea, I have a lot of unused clothes in my drawer. Thanks for this Qing


    1. Welcome! :) I hope this helps you a lot! *hugs and kisses*


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