Painted Shirt

Hi, stray kiddos! Summer is so different every year, it's hotter than last year. So I am trying to wear more comfy clothes. Also, I am trying to minimize the clothes I wear to avoid sweat. But I still not forgetting to wear summer perfect outfit! Color and more color is what my summer will be! *kimchi* This huge shirt I am wearing is thrifted, I found a thrift store in Baclaran and guess what! all items are Php20! Crazy right?! The moment I enter the store I had my "game face" on. *Ihihi!* If you love thrift store well, we should be best friends! I spent a lot of time searching for what I want, inspecting everything to ensure it is in good condition. Sometimes, it's my lucky day and find clothes with tag! *Oh yeah!* Who loves thrifting too? Share your thrift find because I love to see them! 

Shirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Crocs | Arm candies: Local Store

Your stray kid,



  1. What a great find!! That shirt is perfect for the warmer months! The Crocs are a nice touch, too! Lovely look! :)

  2. Cute shirt! perfect for summer!

  3. Awesome shirt, the colors and prints are very summery.. love it =D

  4. Your lips matches you shirt so well. I tried shopping in thrift stores as well and I got really nice items with tags pa! :)

    Have a great day!


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  6. What a fun, bright outfit! I love your lip colour!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  7. hey amazing blog, i followed u via GFC, hope you follow me back
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    1. Thanks Imen! I will follow you back. *hugs and kisses*

  8. I think the style and the colors are perfect for summer. And it's really affordable, too. It's a great find.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

    PS. I have my very first giveaway on my blog. I hope you can join.



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