Laid Back And Casual

Hi! Happy weekend everyone! I just want to share my casual and laid back outfit that I wore yesterday. Most of the day the temperature is 35-38 degree Celsius which is so annoying for me. I go to work sweaty because of the super humid weather. It is rare for me to wear pants during my off when I go out but today is different. I recently went thrifting for pants and I found these distress boyfriend jeans. *lucky to find this* I know I always wear my thrift pieces in most of my outfit post, sorry but not sorry. *haha* I just find thrifting my stress reliever and I can find unique pieces at a thrift store. On the other hand, I shoot four outfits today for a future post. Who else do this? *I hope I am not the one* Well, it is more convenient for me to shoot more outfit because of my full-time work, I, at least, find time to post every weekend. Blogging is a hard work but it is the one thing I love to do. Oh, I am planning to get my own domain, please give me some tips and what are your experiences when you got your domain. I really need to know. 

Shirt: Local Store | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: Primadonna | Bag: Salvatore Manne | Bracelet: Local Store

Your stray kid,