Qing Travels: Mt. Samat Adventure!

Hi! Its adventure time! So last weekend I had a very fun adventure to Mt. Samat in Bataan. We went at the Damabana ng Kagitingan where you can find the famous big cross in the mountain of Mt. Samat. This cross is 302 ft and 1,787 ft in elevation, this cross is dedicated to all fallen Filipino and American in WWII. This is a historic place where you can find the story of the Death March. We had a 1 and a half hours of  bus ride to the foot of the mountain. We tried to hike the mountain but after a 1km walk we all not survived. *Haha!* So we decided to ride a tricycle and it was hella fun, it is like you are in a roller coaster! Atfter 15 mins, we got to the top, *hooray!* the view is so stunning and breath taking! Before we explore the place we had to each lunch of course, you can't enjoy much if you have an empty stomach. *ihihi!* So the fun part are the ff.

Top & Shorts: Baclaran | Watch: Casio | Shoes: Nike | Bag: The Northface

Your stray kid,