Qing Travels: Cebu Adventure

Hi guys so here is my Cebu adventure, well not so an adventure its an out station work but I manage to have some time to explore a little bit of Cebu. Here is my story: 

My flight is at 6:30 pm and touched down after 1 hour and 45 mins due to the aircraft. *ATR. a prop blade aircraft* The flight is kinda boring because it's a night flight *sob*

Jeepneys there is supah cute! Ihihi!

Our haunted hotel, it's so old and has a ghost. 

Fast forwarding... the next day after work we conquer Cebu City. I only have one spot that I want to visit, it's the Magellan's Cross and its a success! It's so surreal in person and I can feel how historic it is. The paintings in the ceiling are such a pretty work. I suggest that in Cebu you should try to be a commuter so you can meet a lot of Cebuano. It's a really cool experience to be lost in such a great city.

After Magellan's Cross, we went to Larsian to eat dinner. They told us that Cebu won't be complete if you didn't try Larsian so we find the place and ate there. Basically, Larsian is a kainan/ihawan spot *like palengke because everyone will drag you to buy* where there is a lot of vendors lined up and you will choose what you want to eat. They will grill the food and serve it with a puso. Then, the feast begin! *Oh you should eat with your hand, spoon and fork are not allowed!* I nearly forgot Larsian has free wifi! *LOL*

Puso, Cebuano rice.  P4.00 each.

The next/last day... of course work before the adventure. 

So we got a chance to explore Lapu-Lapu Shrine before our flight. It is the nearest spot in the airport. We met Lapu-Lapu and saw mangrove garden just near the shrine. I also recommend buying a pasalubong/souvenir here in the shrine because it is way so much cheaper. Fridge magnets, P10. Accessories, P10. Shirt, P100. I bought a fridge magnet at Island Souvenir for P129. *sob*  We had a great day exploring a piece of Cebu and I am planning to go back there of course. Cebu has a lot more to offer, Oslob is a must to visit and I think I should go there next and many more Cebu adventure!

And.. it's goodbye, for now, Cebu. It rains there and we experience a turbulence. *sob* But what's important is we had a great time and we land safely. Thank you, Cebu!

Your stray kid,