Mustard Rainy Day Sweater Weather

Hi, everyone! Sweater weather is here. It's always gloomy here in the Philippines and no one will stop me from hanging out with friends. *kiddin'* Rainy weather is kinda hassling to deal with but my trick is always effective. I am a huge fan of oversize pieces, I always have an eye for oversize. Reasons? One, it's comfy! Your body can breathe easily and even you get fat you can still wear it.*wise? Haha!* Second, I can wear it as it is which I am obsessed with right now. I have an advantage on oversize because I am only 5'1 in height so it's always ending up above my knee. *two thumbs up* What I like about this sweater is its color, perfect color to wear in a gloomy weather. I also like how soft it is, like a blanket! I pair it with my cheapo sandals, *haha!* for a comfy walk during rainy weather and sorry that I always use my fave bag. *Ihiihi!* So, what is your go-to rainy day outfit?
Sweater: Thrifted | Sandals: Baclaran, Manila | Bag: Robinsons, Pampanga

Your Qing of style,