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Hi, everyone! Have you heard an RFID Blocking Wallet? Yes, there it is and it's awesome, right? Today's post is all about this awesome wallet from Wallet Wall. Technology has grown so fast and as it grows it became much easier to wreck our firewall. Wallet is one that in high at risk because you always put your credit cards and ATM in your wallet. Using RFID is so universal right now, by saying RFID it can detect your personal information. It is cool to know that there is an innovation in which it can protect and block contents within your wallet from being stolen via RFID transmission.

Wallet wall is so generous to send me one of their wallets and I can now protect my personal information since our office has an RFID. The wallet is so simple but has a lot of card pockets where you can put all your cards to keep them safe. It has a leather material and sewed very well. Indeed a good quality wallet plus it can protect and secure your own identity. 

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The packaging is two thumbs up because it came in with a box.

You can also put on your cash.

6 slots for all your cards.

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