Sporting the Sporty

Hi, everyone! Finally, a new outfit post! I want to apologize for being missing in action for quite a while. There are a lot of things going on in my life lately.  *Whew!* They say change is inevitable and there are a lot of changes that I need to do. The first change that I want to share is my own domain,! *I consider it change* Though I didn't yet have a formal announcement about it. I decided to fully commit myself into blogging and I've been working so hard for it little by little. I am so happy that I got it! *Woot woot!* Soon, I want to officially announce  and let you know how grateful I am for this big change! Soo.. before anything else.. Lets talk about the outfit! *HAHA!* Basically, it's a casual sporty outfit which I am always sporting. I also brought out my Nike Airforce again that I thought I forgot. My Nike Airforce is always making any outfit sporty looking. My top is so cool and I love love the turtle neck and lets talk about the shorts.. its so comfy like you are wearing your pajama shorts!

Top: Spalding (Thrifted) | Shorts: Overrun | Shoes: Nike Airforce 8.1

Your stray kid,


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