Makeup I Swear By (under P500 and available in Philippines)

Hi, everyone! Today's post is all about makeup that might help ladies who are low in budget *especially students* and want to find affordable *with good quality* makeup. All the makeups that I will be featuring are makeup that I swear by, trusted and tested. When I was in college, my allowance is just enough for my whole day school life, at the same time I need to save some money for my makeup and clothes. *I know you can feel me guys* FYI guys, I am from the Philippines, that means all known makeup products are not "affordable" for all. *because export products here have a high tax that is why it is pricey* In my first year of college, I am still naive with Maybelline, MAC, NYX, Revlon etc. makeups and I only know locally available products. My basis then is cheaper and good quality makeup which honestly speaking is hard to find. I want to build my first makeup kit back then and starting to create my own makeup routine. With long search, trial and error I have found makeup products that you can easily find here in the Philippines. This might help you to build your simple makeup kit.

Maybelline Products

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream is my holy grail since my early days of the second year in college, I am so satisfied with the coverage since I don't want that cakey looking face. Super light weight but it evens out your skin plus it is good for the Philippine weather.
Price: Php289
Available in all SM Watson and local drugstore

This Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation just released this year and OMG this is better than the other Maybelline powders. I don't need to touch up I promised and also it really works well with Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream. I also tried it with my Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation for long lasting coverage.
Price: Php299
Available in all SM Watson and local drugstore

For mascara, Hypercurl Volum' Express is the bomb! It curls, volumizes, lengthens and it's waterproof. 
Price: Php175
Available in all SM Watson and local drugstore

HBC Products

*Shade: Peach Pie*

*Shade: Pink Delish*

Allue Blushes are my thing! *Yes, I am a cheapo like that. Haha!* As you can see I hit pan with Pink Delish, what is cool about it is you will get 3 colors with it. You can use the darker pink for that rosy cheeks and the lighter one for that innocent glowy look or you can swirl both colors to get shimmery blush color. Peach Pie is more effective as a highlighter, it will give you that perfect glow *just don't put too much*.
Price: Php85
Available in all HBC Store

HBC Eyeliner Pen is the only eyeliner pen I used, it doesn't smudge and you can create a perfect cat eye. This will last for at least 3 months.
Price: Php65 (sale price)
Available in all HBC Store

LOL (Lots of Love)

I just discovered LOL bronzer last summer because I need to slim my chubby face plus I need a sun-kissed glow last summer. I kinda like it and I guess I need to shout it out here. I always used it and I love how it brings back color to my face. Though bronzer is optional for a makeup routine. You will get more products for the price you paid.
Price: Php139
Available in all LOL Stall at SM

Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick

This lip product is so underrated, maybe because of its cheap packaging. I've been using this nonstop since I got it. I always grab this especially in the days where I need a quick lip touch up. It has that natural lip tint color and it will last for a loooong time. *swear* This is what I used to get that so famous Korean Gradient Lip and I've been using this for 5 years now, I'm not kidding. 
Price: Php80
Available in any Ever Bilena Store and local drugstore

Daiso Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows on fleek they say. I just recently jumped to this brow routine and I regret not doing my brows in my early days. *sob* It really make a lot of difference and frames your face. I am now sporting that thick natural brows and this Daiso product save the day. Before I purchased this I am using a brown eyeshadow and I sucked at it! *haha* With this you can work on it, you can fade it when it is too dark, basically you can make your eyebrow perfect. 
Price: Php88
Available at any Daiso Store

I hope this will help you to explore more with makeup, especially with Philippine makeup. If you tried any of this product, I hope it will work on you like how it works on me. 

*Disclaimer: Not sponsored*

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