Pinkish Promise | How I Style Midi Skirt

Hi, everyone! Today's post is how I style a midi skirt. Styling midi skirt for me is a tough job because I'm just 5 foot 1 in height. Most of the midi skirt always make me look smaller which is not cool. *Haha!* How I wish I have that long leg *wishful thinking* but I learn to accept my flaws. I know I didn't do a good job to look taller here but I also didn't look midget. *Optimism level 1000* I've been feeling lady this past few month and stop wearing shorts and pants. I am also collecting more long skirts because I am leaving soon for UAE. Well, midi skirt are one of the pieces I am collecting for the trip. Styling this pink midi skirt is much easier because I have a lot of white tops to choose from. To show some a bit of skin I paired it with a white off the shoulder top and I wear my jelly laced doll shoes.

Top: Divisoria | Midi Skirt: Dresslink | Shoes: Local Store

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Your stray kid,


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  1. Lovely coord! Very ladylike :)

    ロイ-さま |


  2. Love that skirt so much dear!

  3. I love your look!
    I think you look amazing!

  4. so romantic and lovely! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  5. very girly and very pretty!! LOVE the shape of the top, the whole outfit is very 60's ;)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Gorgeous post! :)
    Maybe we can follow to each other?
    Let me know. :)

  7. i'm 5'0 so I could never pull off a midi skirt, but you did it beautifully. love the color scheme as well.

  8. Nice outfit! I love the color of your skirt. <3

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    All the love. x
    Nikka Gagui
    Sassy Thoughts

  9. So cute! Kisses


  10. The skirt is so gorgeous! It looks super feminine on you :)

    Jo x


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