In Denim Dress and Chunky Sandals

Hi, everyone! If denim dress and longs sleeves dress had a baby, this is it! This piece has been sitting in my closet for years now. *sometimes I am forgetting what's in my closet because I have so many clothes* Thankful that it's still in good shape and good as new. You probably know my love of anything dress or one piece clothing that can wear alone. *lazy lady* What makes this awesome is the sleeve, it's not too long for my arms. *short girl problem* More like 3/4 sleeves but longer. *haha! Funny description, sorry* Lets talk about the detail on the chest part, I love it! To make it more minimal I wear my chunky sandals to add some height, I need to fake it sometimes. *haha!* For accessories, I wear sunglasses to protect the eyes and be cool!

Denim Dress: Thrifted | Sandals: Thrifted | Sunglasses: Baclaran

Your stray kid,


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