Japanese Street Style Inspired Outfit

Minna-san Konichiwa! Japan is my dream country to visit and fashion there is crazy. Japanese have a unique fashion styles and trends. Harajuku girls, cosplays, decora, lolita and mori girls to name a few and what caught my eye is their street styles. Today's look is inspired by Japanese Street Style *minimalist style*, while I am browsing in my Pinterest about Japanese fashion I came across to this guy who wears a skirt more similar to what I am wearing *Yep. I am weird to be inspired by a man* and he looks like a modern Japanese Samurai. I decided to recreate it and give it with some Qing's Style. *Hohoho!* One thing that I considered is the hair so I put on my samurai's hair. Since I am in the Philippines, thick clothes are too much for an outfit, you'll be sweaty in minutes so why not give your turtle neck some love. P.S the turtle neck I am wearing is not a thick material and surprisingly comfortable. As you can see, I also put two colors which are the black and red-orange *kinda, f/w ready!*, oh! the bag matches the top too. 

Top: Thrifted | Bag: Salvatore Mann | Skirt: Giordano | Shoes: Ruby Shoes

Your stray kid,