Qing Travels: Monasterio De Tarlac Adventure

"We are here for a reason."

Hi, everyone! 2015 will be over in less than 24 hrs and it's so insane how time goes by. This year is good to me even there are ups and downs which are normal in life. This is also my last post in 2015, probably the last post that I will write here in the Philippines for now. In two days time, I will be flying to Abu Dhabi which is kinda exciting but sad because I will miss my family. There are a lot of things to let go for now and move forward for a good future. So before I step forward, I visited Monasterio De Tarlac to pray for safety, guidance and thank God for all the blessings. 

Monasterio De Tarlac is located at Barangay Lubigan, San Jose, Tarlac City. The monastery holds a relic of the Holy Cross and is the only one known to possess such in Asia. *I am lucky to touch the relic* It is surrounded by nature with natural and fresh air coming from the Mount Resurrection. Monasterio de Tarlac has a 30-foot colossal statue of catholic's Jesus Christ overseeing the city. *more on Wikipedia*

We took SCTEX road to Hacienda Luisita and had a not so good road trip because we're taking wrong roads. It took 3 hours for us to get to Monasterio but it paid off! From rough road to a stunning view, every worries and tiredness were swept away. *All is well!*

Oh yes! Nature's own version of Google Map, the view is so refreshing and relaxing, no one can steal this from you. We also came in time to attend a mass, where I had the most amazing homily and went home so blessed. 

This is the church where the relic is located. 

The 30-foot colossal statue of catholic's Jesus Christ overseeing the city, it's like inviting you to a big hug! 

Monasterio De Tarlac is a must visit tourist spot in the North, its been on my bucket list for the longest time and now I can check it out on my list. It is also a wonderful adventure to go in a place like this. Of course, I will be back soon! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to 2016!

Your stray kid,