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Hi, everyone! Today, I will introduce to all of you, as the name states, it is an online shop that offers a large variety of cocktail dresses with style and quality at smart prices. At, they work hard to render customers with the best products with the best service at the best price. They are one of the best online retailers that operate throughout US and Europe. believes that customers are more than just a transaction. They focus on the way how they can serve and inspire customers, gain each customer's satisfaction, also improve the business.

So the holiday season is coming and that means party and celebrations everywhere. We ladies won't come to a party empty-handed but making our best to look as fab as we can. One of the most celebrated kind of event on holidays are cocktail parties where everyone are on point. I think this came to a perfect timing because has a lot to offer. This is dedicated to all the ladies who has a tight budget, has a wide range of high-quality cocktail dresscheap cocktail dresses, and even cocktail dresses under 50, yes, you heard it right! You can be fab just under 50. I pick some of the dresses that you might like.


This pink mini dress is so stunning because of the beautiful embroidery that is perfect for any holiday party. The details of the dress also make the piece unique.


Oh, that glitz and glamor! Holiday season is a time of all things shiny, this red dress is something you would wear on a Christmas Eve date with your special love one.


Keeping it simple and black, you can be all tone down in the holiday season. Black is not boring, what I love about this dress is the lace long sleeves for that feminine touch plus you can accessorize it with your favorite jewelry pieces.


Simply glam, the ribbed detail on this dress gives that texture and the gem details give the dress the simple glam you need.


Halter dress is on trend right now, this dress is so sexy. Again, the glitz detail keeps the black more sexy.


Formal and sexy, the lace and cut make the dress stunning. This dress is something that you will wear on a formal party event. The color will suit in any women. 

I hope this will help you in what to wear to your holiday parties and enjoy your holiday season! 

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  1. Hi Quing !!
    I don't meet this website, but the dresses are gorgeous !!
    I'm in love for all of them !!

  2. so so pretty! gotta love cheap yet gorgeous dresses!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Great post dear!

  4. Hello

    I'm sorry but you are using our art for your logo, we made those original solely for our brand lilith et adalia, and we worked hard on them. So if you could take it down and use something else. Thank you.

    1. Hi, I created my own logo and I think I am not using anything from your brand. I just checked on your site. Please this is not a good thing to do because I am not doing bad thing on you. God bless your soul.


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