Adidas over Nike

Hello, everyone! Finally, I am back with my routine doing an outfit post. As you can see, no more white background and some serious face. I will be casually smiling in my blog post for a while. UAE has a different dressing code *if this is the right term* than the Philippines as you know, its conservative here. That means no short shorts, spaghetti strap top or any revealing clothes *though it's your choice with your own risk* So, shirt and leggings are my go-to clothing pieces, in short I am always looking like a runner or I am going to the gym. *well, most of the clothes I brought here are the shirt, pants, and maxi so I have no choice, huhuhu* But, I am planning to build my brand new closet and some of my dresses are still in the Philippines so it will take a while to bring it here in UAE. Okay, enough with my closet struggles and let's hop in my outfit.

You know how much I love my running shoes and lately, I am a big fan of snap back/baseball cap. One reason is to cover up my bad hair day and it's a cool way to accessorized this minimal sporty outfit. My outfit is so basic and everyone can recreate this. If you like more outfit ideas you can visit my how I style running shoes post.

Cap: Thrifted | Shirt: @_shittyshirt | Leggings: Philippines Local Store | Shoes: Nike

Ever since I came here all I do is photographed places and some pretty flowers. Since I am still waiting for the companies I applied, photography is one of the things that is filling up my boring stay here in Abu Dhabi. Here are my sample photos, and I hope you like it!

Your stray kid,

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