Qing Travels: Global Village Adventure

Hello, everyone! I travel the world for a day and I had so much fun! I know it's impossible but hey there is a Global Village to experience what the world is in store for us. From Asia, Europe to Africa and America. You can experience every country's food and culture in just a few walks away! Awesome right?! If you are planning to visit UAE and I know a lot of travelers who've been in UAE, Global Village is a must in your itinerary. For just 15AED you can travel the world, *cheaper than ever!* shop and dine. 

This Global Village adventure is a continuation of my Miracle Garden Adventure, so I apologize for the late post. First, we arrive there at 2:30 PM and waited until 4:00 PM *sob* because our driver didn't inform us that it will be open at 4:00 PM *bad!*. It's okay, though, I had so much fun wandering around the Global. Oh, a warning: WEAR YOUR COMFIEST SHOES! Yes, my feet got so sore it came to the point that I give up on walking! We rest and eat lugaw because it's perfect for that cold evening. *missing the Philippines so bad!* Well, let me take you on a little tour in Global Village.  

Look at the entrance so fancccyyyy! When you enter the Global Village, you will be welcomed by each country's famous tourist attraction and if you enter there will be shops for souvenirs. It's like you are having a shopping experience in your country of choice.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I do. 

Your stray kid,