Qing Travels: Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Hi everyone and Happy New Year again! This is my first post for 2016 and as I am typing down this post I am in Abu Dhabi. This post will be my last Philippine adventure, for now, this is also my continuation on my Monasterio De Tarlac adventure. Isdaan is a famous restaurant in Tarlac and anyone who goes in Monastery will surely eat here. Isdaan is located in Gerona, Tarlac was they serve a native Filipino food. Every fish there is fresh, still alive before they cook it. They're daing na bangus is to die for! 

They have a kubo where you will eat, it's like you're eating at home. I love how native and cozy the ambiance there while you can see many fishes swimming in the water. 

OMG food! They have the most delicious food in the North, not kidding! If you are a fan of Filipino lutong bahay you will definitely love this place. We ordered their boodle fight round 2, *yep, we are so hungry* and we ate everything plus extra mini kaldero of rice! 

Isdaan is also a place where photo addicts love, everywhere is a photo worthy place. As you can see I enjoyed my photo session with the Obamas! I and my friends took a lot of photos but I only put mine because it will be a photo flooded post, *Hehe!*

Tacsiyapo is probably the most famous spot here in Isdaan. If you are mad that time or you want to release any anger or stress, this might be the perfect place for you. Basically, you will buy ceramics plates, mugs, and even TV and you throw them against the wall while shouting your anger. I think this is a cool way to express your anger. Too bad I am in a good mood that day.
I think that's a wrap in my Tarlac adventure, I had a blast and surely treasure every bit of it. And now, my 2016 adventure awaits, I am hoping I will enjoy what UAE will have in store for me! For more updates in my Abu Dhabi adventure follow me on my social media.

Your stray kid,