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Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I updated my blog and sorry for failing my blog post schedule. I've been so hesitant to do this blogging tips because I am taking a different path and it's obviously far from fashion blogging. I just realize that I want to help people who want to do blogging and those who are just started blogging. It's been two years since I started my blog and I guess I can share what I have learned for the past two years. For me experience is the best teacher, you can learn a lot of things by yourself and improve to be a better blogger. Disclaimer: I am not a professional, all things shared here is just based on my experiences in my blogging journey. This is the questions you should ask before you start your blog.

1. What Blogging Platform should I choose?
Blogging platform is a software or services that turn a regular site into a functioning blog, it is the home of your blog (e.g. Blogger, WordPress, Weebly etc.). There are so many blogging platforms in the web and you just need to choose what you think the best one suits you. There's also a lot of reviews you can search that will help you to decide which one you want. You can sign up, create your own account and get started (there will be a helpful wizard that will help you to create your blog). In my case, I choose Blogger as a platform.

2. What kind of blog I want?
There is one word that will answer this question, "passion". You should know what kind of topic you want to share in the web, your passion may help you. By sharing your passion you can write an endless post and share things what you really love. It can be fashion, makeup, travel, books, blogging tips etc.

3. What should be the name of my blog?
Just like us people, your blog should have a name which is so important so anyone can "know" you. Think of a name that defines you and your blog. In my case, I came up with Qing's Style because my name is Qing and Style is a word associated with fashion. It means that all I share is my own "style" so I can inspire other and gives them ideas on how to style outfits. Remember: Once you named your blog, stick to it! Never change your blog name because it is like your own brand that will soon be known by everyone.

4. Should I think of my blog description (tagline)?
Yes, definitely! It gives meaning to your blog. Think of a cool description or tagline for your blog. I can see some bloggers description is their favorite quotation, bible verse etc. Tip: Description is important with your traffic/SEO and I will discuss this soon on my next blogging tips post.

5. Am I ready to write my first post?
Yes, you are ready to post your first post for now. You can write an intro for your first post so everyone will know your story.

Happy blogging! I hope you find this helpful.
Next post, I will share how you can edit your blog theme.

Your stray kid,

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  2. I love this post!! Thanks for sharing. I've just updated my Blog, you should check it out!


  3. I always have a hard time deciding on my blog description! >< Until now i still have not settled with one that i really like. it's been really difficult for me to find one that matches me well ;;;


    1. You will come up with a suitable description in time. Thanks Melody!

  4. I remember when i started I had the worst blog layout, it was an eyesore with an autoplay jpop music on it hahaha! #cringe

  5. So helpful for people starting a blog to have this post! I know I definitely struggled with some of this at the start - still do hahaha.

    Via Sora

  6. Hi Quing !!
    I was missed in the last month, but I'm back now !!
    I miss come here !!
    The post is very interesting !!


  7. Love your post, great content!

    Have a great Wednesday!!


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  9. This is so helpful for those who want to own their own platform! Thumbs up for this!

    All the love. Nikka
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  10. Perfect start tips Qing!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

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  11. Great tips for first time bloggers!


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