Basic of Blogging: Organize Before You Customize

Hi, everyone! This is my second post for my basic of blogging and I assumed that you are already a blogger. For those who wants to start a blog and reading this, you can read my first post here to start your blog. The first thing I will notice in a blog is the theme or the blog appearance, where the first impression is based on the physical attributes. A theme also reflects the personality of the author and what kind of blog it is, whether it is fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel etc. When I started my blog, (and I know a lot of us know this struggle) I always change my blog theme maybe once a month I would say. It will take a lot of time to settle in a blog theme that you really want *I swear*. But before you customize it you should organize your whole theme. Disclaimer: I am not a professional, all things shared here is just based on my experiences in my blogging journey. If you want to know what I mean read more.

Take the easiest way.

Easiest way means installing a pre-made blogger theme and you can find a vast amount on the internet for free (but I don't recommend it). I tried this before but it is not good for the health of my blog. *in my own opinion and experience* If you have a budget, you can also buy a pre-made theme which is safe for your blog *this what I highly recommend*. 

Stick to Blogger Templates/Themes

If you choose this path, keep reading. Okay, let's assume that you decide to customize your blogger theme, here are the things you need to know and consider: Layout, basic HTML knowledge, and CSS codes. 

It is your blog anatomy but you are the one to decide what part you should put and where you should place it, in other words, this is where you can really organize everything. Blogger has an easy to organize layout where you can put and move everything. So, why organize before customize? In my opinion, the layout is your guide on how your blog will look like before you customize it. From the header, pages, right/left sidebar to the footer. It's up to you on what to put on it but make sure it is necessary for your blog.

Here is my list to keep on your layout:
Favicon (you should change it)

Create a header that will be on your blog forever because it will be your brand.

Yes, description is a must. This will help your blog in your traffic, try to search your blog on google by using your description and your blog will appear *you can also use meta tags for this*.

One of the most important part of your blog so readers can navigate your blog easily. You can also set up your pages according to your labels, example, if you have an outfit/style page menu and all your post about your outfit, everything will be on the outfit/style page. Used this to set up your pages **

Main body (of course)
Self explanatory, this is where you write everything to give your blog a life. I will teach you soon on how to write/create a reader-friendly post.

Right/left sidebar
Here you can put Gadgets and widgets, so what are gadget and widget? This is the things you put on your sidebars *often*. Here is a list on what to put on your sidebar: (a)search (b)profile (c)contact form (d)blog archive (e)popular post (f)social media widgets (g)subscribe widget (h)ads/promotions. In blogger, you can have ready-made gadgets and many varieties of widgets online. Social media sites are also providing widgets for you to put in your sidebar.

This is where you put on your attribution so never neglect footer because this is where your Copyright is located.

Hyper Text Markup Language is a markup language for describing web documents (web pages). For you to successfully customize your blog you need to learn this language, at least, basic knowledge about HTML. In my case, I am lucky that I studied it in school but I am still learning and I am always seeking help in W3Schools. You can learn HTML here where you can easily understand because there are examples to try on which is fun to do.

According to W3Schools, CSS is a stylesheet language that describes the presentation of an HTML (or XML) document. This code is really helpful to easily customize your blog, all you need to do is to paste it in the CCS section when you customize your theme (e.g. centering header/title/date, changing font color/size/font type/background color etc.). W3Schools has a CCS tutorial from basic to advance.

Happy blogging! I hope you find this helpful.
Next post, I will share the tools I use for blogging.

Your stray kid,

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