Fashion Point: Arm Candy for Summer

Hi, everyone!
Summer is official here in PH so humidity is killing me every day. Summer also means color, flower, comfy clothes, and music festival. I know Coachella is happening right now and one of the fashion point I am seeing to Coachella is arm candy or other called it arms swag. Ever since this word has given birth I became a big fan of it. It came to the point that I've collected a lot and learn to mix and match everything. This is a good way of giving some extra to your simple outfit. 

Fashion point is a specific piece in your whole outfit that makes it "on point". For this summer arms swag is one of my fashion points. Here are some of my favorites from my collection:

This is probably my go-to arm swag every summer especially when I am going to a pool for a summer getaway. I think you've seen this in my previous summer outfits. 
Everything: Local store

Green and Yellow: Enchanted Kingdom
Pink Baller: Star City, Pasay
Peace bracelet: Local store

Gold and Pastels
You can't go wrong with some gold and pastel, this is my arm candy for any girly outfit. Some of them are DIY and I have plans before to sell it online but end up wearing them. 
Anchor bracelet: BornPretty Store
Pastel BF bracelet: DIY
Gold Chain Braid: DIY

Vintage and Classic
The key is to create your own theme for your arm candy. For this one, the gold vintage bracelet is my basis and choose bracelets that best match on to my collection. 
Vintage girl bracelet & Bangles: Local store
Gold beaded bracelet: DIY

Next is to create based on color, for this one I have a blue bracelet collection and wear them all.
Friendship bracelet and Bangles: DIY
Chunky bracelet: Baguio

I think when you say summer and accessories you would think of Boho, for this boho vibe arm candy, I mix my bracelets with same material which is wood. Perfect for your boho chic outfit.
Flower wood bracelet: Local Store
Round Chunky bracelet: Baguio

Nude and Pearls
Everything: DIY

Friendship bracelet: DIY
Other 3 bracelet: Local store

So what is your fashion point for this summer? Please let me know, I would love to hear it!

Your stray kid,