Hawaiian Vibes

So, I am here pretending to enjoy a beach getaway.
Everyone is in their mid-summer and I am here haven't started my summer. I am always on my Facebook and Instagram scrolling to my friend's summer getaway. Since I came back to the Philippines I am getting busy bringing my life back by finding a new job, getting fit again and being so positive. While waiting for my summer to start *and get employed* I am in the mood to create summer outfits that I want to wear on the beach, even though I am just at home all day. *fashion blogger's real life* You know how much I love oversized clothes so when my eye lay upon this button up I fell in love and one word strikes me, Hawaii! This outfit is to bring some Hawaii vibes to my boring summer. The top may also serve as a cover up when hitting the beach and it will be a great idea to change your usual cover-ups. To give some detail I roll up the sleeve which is a simple way to pimp up a top even a shirt. The fedora is also going perfectly to the whole outfit and the shoes are surfer shoes. 

Fedora: Local Store
Sunglasses: Local Store
Spaghetti Strap: Local Store
Shorts: Thrifted
Button-up: Gifted
Shoes: Vans Surfer

I hope you find inspiration in this outfit for your next OOTD.

Your stray kid,

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