Qing Travels: Pangasinan Summer Adventure!

Hi, everyone! The busy bee is back with her one and only summer adventure. *Hoho!* How was your summer guys? and to those who are just starting their summer, what are your plans? Mine was kinda awesome because I got a chance to go to the beach before the rainy season. It's too sad that it ended so soon for me but on the brighter note I enjoyed everything! Just a warning, there will be too many photos in this post but hoping you'll enjoy it. 

W went to a beach resort hopping before we decided to choose El Puerto Marina Beach Resort in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Pangasinan is well known for its beautiful beaches, yummy boneless Bangus and bagoong. Basically, it is one of the places where you can enjoy your summer vacation. El Puerto has a beautiful environment and the villas are Kubo inspired, I also love their Kainan where you can sit and have a conversation with your friends. The resort has it's a small pool, aqua resort, and beach so you can have different options. 

Sunset too is awesome and had a lot of fun taking photos. 

The next morning I woke up 5am and so sad that it is a cloudy morning so I just took some photos by the beach because we arrive late in the afternoon on our first day. Their beach has a smooth light grey sand and it seems you rented the whole beach because there are few people swimming at the beach. 

At 10am the came out but its too hot. I love their mini Kubo and nipa hut umbrella, it gives a Hawaiian vibe. We enjoyed our time at the beach because we need to go home at 12pm. 

So it is time to go home but first lunch! My favorite part of the trip, we went to the famous The Loft. The place is so Instagram-worthy because of the all white and glass place. The food is so good, I didn't get the chance to took a picture. *Haha!* It is one of the food destination in Pangasinan so try it out! All in all, Pangasinan has a lot to offer and so blessed to have a bunch of beautiful beaches and I know a lot of you guys knows about it. I hope you had a great summer and have a great summer to all!

Your stray kid,