Summer Pants

Hi, everyone!
I hope you are having a great spring/summer season. I know everyone are opting for shorts this summer for a breezy and comfy look in this 36-degree temperature which feels like 40-degree. But for me is different, if you notice I gained weight compared before so I am in a conscious stage to wear shorts and flaunt my big thighs. *Haha!* Luckily, summer and pants got married and have a baby, summer pants. Summer pants basically are pants that have a light material, some are flowy, which are comfortable to wear for a hot weather. This has been my life saver for this past few week of my summer. I am so happy to find a pair in a thrift store which is very cheap and unique. Paired it with my grey top and white sandals. I accessorized my outfit with a chocker necklace, sunnies, bag and my gold cat watch. 

Top: Local Store
Pants: Thrifted
Sandals: IG Shop
Chocker: IG Shop
Sunnies: Local Store

I hope you find inspiration in this outfit for your next OOTD.

Your stray kid,

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