Swimwear For Chubby Ladies - Qing's Style

Bring Back The 90's

Hi, everyone! It is time for an outfit inspiration on this blog. This is my take on vintage oversized denim which is on trend right now. I got this pair of denim pants in a thrift store and I think most of this denim pants are only available in a thrift store. I love the light wash because you can pair almost anything with it. My problem to this is that I am short so I need to fold it, luckily it is a cool thing to do on any pants. I think this kind of pants are the comfiest pants I have, I am also planning to thrift some more of this denim pants and will try to create a raw edge version and DIY denim culottes. In my body type, crop tops will be the best choice. I chose this oversized stripe crop top for a more 90's vibe and wear my creepers. I also accessorise the whole outfit with my big eyeglass and you probably know that it is on trend right now. I have seen Cassie of WereToThe9s rocking it and need to have one.

Your stray kid,