Oversize Over Oversize

Hi, guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog! Today, I want to dedicate this blog post for my love for oversized clothes. If you've seen my previous post, you know how much I love oversize denim pants. I've been a fan of fitted pants to boyfriend jeans and now for oversize! At first, I am so hesitant to wear oversized especially jeans, first, I am just 5'1 second I am fat for my height so I will shrink and will look like a dwarf. *Haha!* But things had changed, I experimented and found a good solution for my shorty problem. What I did is to fold 2-3 inches from the ankle, like culottes. Tadah! Shorty problem solved! Lesson learned keep finding solutions and you will succeed! Pairing it with an oversizd tee is what I choose for that Korean vibe which I am also inspired by Stylenanda. An oversized crop top will be a great pair too. Of course, a wrap around choker will be an added chic to the outfit. Oh, my creepers help me to add some height too! 

I hope you find this helpful and inspirational for your next outfit! Have a great day!

Top&Pants: Thrifted | Choker: @fab_shop | Creepers: Banggood.com

Your stray kid,

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  1. Nice outfit!!

  2. Wonderful post! I like your photos!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Greetings ♥

    Mona from Monalicious World

  3. I think you pull oversized clothes really well! ♥



  4. I loved the pictures :)
    already has new post
    Vamos Papear 

  5. I really like you choker! :) It looks cute and very fashionable on you! :*

  6. Beautiful styling and look ;) we follow you if you want to be part of our readers are waiting for you ;)


  7. Thanks for the follow. Following you through gfc and g+ =)

  8. Hello, Qing!

    Overssized tops are just really comfortable to wear! I love them too. And you look lovely, as always <3

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

    Love, Airish

  9. Love your outfit! The shoes is so chic. :)
    Darlene | http://www.sozudo.no


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