Wholesale7 Haul and Styling

Hi guys! It's Qing and welcome back to my blog!
So I am feeling retro today and I am working on with Wholesale7. Wholesale7 is an online store that offers cheap clothing for men, women and kids. I've been an online shopper and been shop to a lot of online shop out there and Wholesale7 is probably has the most affordable prices out there. They also have unique pieces of clothing. My shopping experience is great too, I had an easy breezy shopping experience and I love all their shirts. How I wish I can have them all. Shipping is quite fast too and they also have great shipping price. 

On to the outfit, I pick this retro shirt and so surprise that it has a soft cotton materials. I love the ringer tee vibe and the red color is so perfect with the rainbow lines. I also got the elastic pants with a culottes feels to it. It is so comfy that is why I always wearing it over and over again. For this look, I created a retro casual outfit that is perfect for back-to-school. I am wearing a snap back  to save me from bad hair day. Of course you can't go wrong with a back pack.

Top: College Simple Style Rainbow Printed T-Shirts
Pants: Summer Elastic Loose Casual Denim Pants
Cap: Sammydress
Shoes: Sanuk
Bag: Herschel

Here is another shirt option for all of you!

Top: Summer White Short Letter Printing Design T Shirt

Your stray kid,

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